Thursday, July 17, 2014

Endemic Corruption?Somali Republic is base to Organized Crimes and DRUG- Trafficking groups for at least the last 23 Years.Wait and see.

This is comment/analysis  I prepared after I have read in the internet  the last UN Monitoring Group on SOMALIA and partially printed in my Facebook page.

This is the last November-October allegations in which Yusur #Abraar the former governor of SOMALI Central Bank in which she has resigned( read my blog at the post called "WHY Yusur Abrar resigned from the Central bank" at last November). I BELIEVE THE#CORRUPTION IS NOT ONLY #ENDEMIC BUT PART OF the#Governance #System of #Somalia- including Central government and Clan-Enclaves like Somaliland, Puntland  and Jubba regions..  The Somali Republic it’s  not only  base to Salafist Jihadist terror groups  like #Alshabaab but also  to Salafist Business Cartels( see my Blog the post called “For the new PM: Lessons from a recent past” and “ Who are the Business People of SOMALIA”) and Organized crimes who are doing all sorts of crimes even using  SOMALI State structures –Regional Clan Enclaves and the Central- National government, UN Agencies and other international organizations for the Import and Export of illegal Drugs like Heroin, illegal and fake goods/medicines, counterfeit goods, expired food, electronics, textiles, etc .In other words Somalia is not only Safe Haven to terror Groups like #AlShabaab and affiliated #groups but is #Home and regional base  to Salafist Business cartels  and  Organized crimes groups connected to #International  #crimes groups of  #‎South-EastASIA( last month the Australian Navy part of the Tsk Force fighting Piracy  confiscated and intercepted in the Indian Ocean  two times big quantities of Heroin directed to SOMALI ports and East AFRICA) and #Europe.#North-America,#Mexico in the #Drug-#Trafficking and the Import of Counterfeit GOODS and fake medicines , Electronics etc. Within the big cities inside Somali Republic with Ports this Organized crimes groups "who also pretend to be Salafist some of them” control most of the  TRADE and have in their payroll  Chiefs of  the Police, Intelligence, Army,  of all so-called  Clan-ENCLAVES  regional administrations and the Central Government.. The goods imported by the Salafist Business cartels/Organized Crimes   don’t pay taxes in SOMALIA except small service in MOGADISHU  or small taxes in Somaliland and Puntland and are  mostly food, Sugar, Textile, Electronics  and other items from all Somali Republic ports-Like Mogadishu, Kismayo,  Bosasao, Berbera. The imported  Goods  are transshipped via land transportation to ETHIOPIA which is landlocked  and North-East of  Kenya and are "funding" for Clans, Organized crimes.,#SalafistBusiness groups allied to #ETHIOPIA and #IGAD countries  regional Clan-Enclaves administrations within SOMALIA.. #ETHIOPIA  uses this goods going in their territory as a political/economic  weapon to control, manipulate the border/Clans inside SOMALIA and so- called Clan-Enclaves regional administration and make this Clans/ groups like the ELITE Puppet Leaders to implement its policies and AGENDA for the HORN of AFRICA and in particular  the SOMALI REPUBLIC( read my Blog the post called “The new POLITICAL MAP for the SOMALI Speaking Clans-People(s) of the HORN of AFRICA) .It’s also main funding for the #Salafist #BusinessCartels and #AlShabaab in  all over  of the Horn of Africa. If the international community would like to help SOMALIA they must make a "comprehensive “approach for all over SOMALIA to tackle this #Systematic Organized groups who control and manage all the Business activities Illegal and legal .Also the regional powers like ETHIOPIA must be told that "Business as usual" by being allied to Organized Crimes/ Salafist Business cartels/ groups to implement their Sinister Agenda to subdivide and re-colonize Somalia  cannot go for ever. Wait and see.( Please read my Blog top ten post to know more about his iss